Our Story

The Offshore Grill and Coffee House is a place where people gather for the best seasonal food from local farmers and fishers. For lunch or dinner, taste the delights from fields and sea as you enjoy the comfortable atmosphere, by the window with a peek at the waves. Or just relax with a beverage and fresh-baked goods from the coffee shop – no matter the season, Offshore is a locals “top choice.” “You know you’ll always have the best quality ingredients from sources literally right in the backyard.”

Chef Jake Burden and his crew showcase local foods in ways that are stunning to all the senses – beautiful on the plate and the palate. “We are so blessed to live in this area with such a bounty of foods,” says Jake. “It’s exciting every day to see what my farmers and fisher friends are going to bring me, and then to see the delight in diners when that food arrives at their table … feeding people is the best job in the world. I get to do that, and I’m providing them some of the freshest foods they are likely to taste, and support the hardworking people in my community. We’re just livin’ the dream.”